Onesies, onesies everywhere. It seems like the world’s gone onesies mad of late with celebrities from Brad Pitt to Sadie Frost, Pixie Geldof and the most aptly named onesie-wearing-boy-band of all time – One Direction – getting in on the onesie action!

For those who don’t know, onesies are one-piece garments, bodysuits, all-in-ones, items of clothing that are incredibly comfortable to wear, unrestricting to movement, and most important of all – fun!

When Kigu first entered the onesie scene in 2009, wearing onesies was something you did in the comfort of your own home, but rarely in public. Let’s just say: if you wore your onesie to the shops, the general public would be confused and a bit freaked out!

These days, things could not be more different for onesie-wearers. We’re taking to the streets in force! While our Kigu parties and events have hopefully had something to do with kicking off the trend, we’re incredibly thankful to the onesie pioneers who made it acceptable to be seen in one.

As you’re probably aware, onesies come in all shapes and size. Big, small, thick, thin, plain and downright ornamental. We searched long and hard for the world’s best onesies when we started Kigu, and we hope you agree that they’re the most fun and unique onesies available. You can check out our current range in the Shop