What is a onesie? It's simply the most comfortable piece of clothing you will ever wear and it has one hundred and more uses, making a perfect article of clothing for loads of different occasions. A onesie is a bodysuit that fully covers your body, and head if it has a hood, and comes in an almost infinite range of styles, shapes and sizes.

The onesie is known for comfort and snuggle-factor. Many people say that they would rather wear a onesie than normal clothes. We agree! Just look around you and you'll notice more and more people wearing them on the street and even on TV. You wouldn't want to miss out on this, so why not check our Shop? Click on the image to be swiftly redirected to it!

Our speciality is the animal onesie and we display a wide variety and selection in our shop. Kigu prides itself on sourcing all of its onesies from Japan, the home of animal onesies (also known as kigurumi). Japanese animal onesies exude an original and incredibly cute style that won't go unnoticed. Our onesies' success lies in the quality designed into each and every single product in the Kigu range.